We all want to have a floor clean enough to eat off but committing to the process of sweeping, mopping and polishing can feel overwhelming, not to mention tiring. These Floor Cleaning Tips will help you to simplify your entire floor cleaning routine regardless of what type of floor you have.

In addition to the below, the implementation of some easy and manageable tips can help to keep your floors spotless in between cleans. First and foremost, a humble doormat for family members and visitors to wipe their shoes of any grass or dirt can help.

Also, doing smaller sweeps or vacuums whenever required can help keep dust, pet hair and even human hair at bay. Lastly, wiping up and drying spills as soon as they occur will aid in keeping your floor looking great at all times. These tips will help keep weekly deeper floor cleans much more manageable. Now let’s get into some specifics!


You walk on your carpet every single day so you can imagine the toll this takes on its fibers over a long period. Taking good care of your carpet can help add years to its life. The key to maintaining a pristine clean carpet is to vacuum regularly and clean up soils as soon as they occur.

The quicker you can clean up a spill, the less of a chance it has of becoming a stain. As soon as you see that red wine hit the ground, grab a cloth or paper towel and start blotting, not rubbing. You want to blot to soak up as much moisture as possible whereas rubbing will only make the stain worse.

When we think of carpet stains our minds often rush to coffee, grass and mud but what about food, sauce or grease? A Carpet Pespotter will do the trick and will help minimize stains without needing to do a deep clean. Simply apply with a sponge and rinse off with water. When it comes to regular vacuuming, It’s important to pay particular attention to high traffic areas such as entryways and any place that gets particularly dusty and it is recommended that this gets done a couple of times a week.


Cleaning tiles is quick, simple and easy. Tiles are very low maintenance, meaning you can rest assured that with just a few minutes a week, your kitchen, bathroom or laundry can be perfectly cleaned with minimal effort.

The key to tiles is to keep on top of sweeping to ensure that hair, dust and grass don’t accumulate. Spending a few minutes sweeping every couple of days will help make your life easier whenever you bring the mop out! Once you have a nice, dust free surface, you can go in with a Mild Detergent, or  Ammoniated Detergent for a more stubborn dirt removal and lightly mop.


Sealed Hardwood floors are very easy to maintain and to keep clean. All that wooden floors need is a thorough sweep and a light mop, as well as “in between cleans” such as a sweep or vacuum to keep dust at a minimum.

Regular, weekly routine cleans will help to keep your hardwood floors looking great, however every so often a deeper clean may be required as oil and grime can build up despite regular cleans.

When a deeper clean is needed, ensure you have swept or vacuumed and fill a bucket with water and add a small amount of Mild Detergent. Go ahead and mop, ensuring you only dampen the floor, not saturate it as too much water can cause wood to split.


When it comes to vinyl floors, a simple broom and a mop are your best friends. As with any type of flooring, the first step is to always ensure the surface is clear of any dust or hair which can easily be done via a sweep or vacuum.

Once your floor is clear, you can focus on mopping with a damp (not soaking) mop. Although vinyl flooring can certainly handle a regular mop, you mustn’t overdo it on the water or saturate the floor as overtime, it can damage the glue that sits underneath it.

Maintaining a beautiful and clean vinyl is straightforward, even when tough scuffs are involved. All that’s required is some warm water, Mild Detergent, a cloth and some elbow grease to buff out any tough spills or scuffs.


Many people love the laminate floor option and with good reason! Laminate is hygienic, affordable, strong and looks great. Cleaning is another reason it makes such a great choice for family homes as it is quick, simple and easy to keep on top of.

As with most flooring, beginning with a clean slate is step number one. Sweep or vacuum and then move onto mopping. Mop & Shine is a great product to help keep your vinyl floor looking spic and spam, as it adds subtle shine to your floor whilst cleaning it thoroughly at the same time.


Cleaning concrete may seem like a tough task upon first thought. However, it is easier than meets the eye and a great Concrete Cleaner product will help to keep this job fuss free. Whether you are cleaning your kitchen, workshop or garage floor, these simple steps will make cleaning concrete a breeze. First of all, complete a very thorough sweep using a tough broom.

Next up, use a Concrete Cleaner to remove dirt or grease. Simply sprinkle the product onto the surface and brush the product in. Once everything looks nice and clean you can either hose or mop off depending on whether you are indoor or outdoor.

If you have any additional questions around the best approach floor cleaning, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or (02) 9838 1220.