4 Specialised Cleaning Products You Never Knew You Needed

Sometimes there are cleaning jobs in our home or business that just need a little more oomph than the standard cleaning product offers. Here are a few specialised cleaning products it is always worth having on hand, just in case…

1- Blood Remover

In our recent article on the most difficult stains to remove, blood came in pretty close to the top. It is also one of the most common.

Blood Remover has been specially formulated using protease enzymes, which act on the specific proteins in blood. Warm or hot water actually sets blood stains, so always wash in cold water until the stain is removed.

It is safe to use on most fabrics and carpets.[i]

2 – Ammoniated Detergent

Adding ammonia to detergent essentially gives the detergent a turbo-blast for cleaning stubborn stains from hard surfaces without being abrasive, which can potentially cause scratching.

Ammoniated Detergent can be used either undiluted, on stubborn, specific, stains, or diluted as a general cleaner for floors, kitchen benchtops and bathrooms.

It is important to note than when using any product containing ammonia, the room should be well ventilated to avoid inhaling fumes. It should also not be used on fabric, or mixed with other cleaners.

3 – Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of the handiest little products you can have in your home. And bonus points, its all natural. Not only does it have antibacterial properties, but it breaks down oils and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean.

Personal CareEucalyptus Oil is great for opening up the sinuses. Stuffy Nose? Chesty Cough? Put a few drops in a wide bowl of hot water, drape a towel over your head and lean over the bowl to breathe in all that steam to help break up congestion. A little on your pillow before bed will also help you breathe easy at night. Its natural antiseptic properties make it great for insect bites and minor cuts and grazes. It will even help dry up and heal cold-sores.

Laundry – It may seem counter intuitive, but Eucalyptus Oil is great for getting out oil-based stains. Dab a little on the actual stain, add a few drops to your normal detergent and wash normally. Just like magic the stain will be gone. It’s also great for getting your sheets smelling extra fresh, and the antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus Oil will reduce transmission of any bugs that may be lingering on clothes, bedding or towels.

Cleaning – Add a few drops to your floor cleaning product to get an extra boost in breaking down oils that are deposited by bare feet, kill germs, and leave your floors smelling fresh.

4 – Caustic Soda

The chemical term for Caustic Soda is Sodium Hydroxide, although it is sometimes also referred to as lye.

Any build-up of fats, stains and carbons on ovens, grills or barbeques can be cleaned with Sodium Hydroxide, which is the active ingredient in Oven and Grill Cleaner, without the need for scrubbing. This product essentially turns fats and grease into soap, which then becomes water soluble. After soaking, all that is required is a good rinse.

This hard-hitting product can also be used to unblock and clean drains, particularly kitchen drains where fat build-up can be a problem.

Always take care when using Caustic Soda as it is corrosive to skin. It should not be used undiluted. Good quality gloves are essential, and a mask is recommended.

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[i] Always test on an inconspicuous spot before use

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