Time Saving Cleaning Tips Releasing Time To Enjoy Life

Having a clear plan before you start cleaning can help you save time and energy. Many people begin the cleaning process without having a procedure in place to keep them on track. This can extend the time it takes to do a thorough clean of your home. This article covers a selection of time saving cleaning tips, to help free up your time.

The number one thing you can do to save time cleaning is to have a plan of action. You need to know what needs to get done, how you will do it and when. Once this is done you can implement some of the additional time-saving tips below that will surely speed up your weekly clean and leave you with better results.

Having a plan will help you to save time by eliminating the need to make decisions such as “what room should I clean next” or “what product do I use on which surface” and of course, the dreaded “where is the closest plug for the vacuum”.

1. Clean As You Go

A wise old saying goes, “any big task is made much easier by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces” and the same goes for cleaning.

The thought of cleaning an entire house might seem overwhelming but if you break it down, room by room, step by step, the task at hand seems so much less daunting. Cleaning as you go can also help you to break down such a large, time-consuming task.

Doing a little bit every day will help you keep on top of your home’s cleanliness and will make the job much easier when you do clean. Putting dishes away as soon as the dishwasher is done, folding and putting away laundry with each load and packing up the toys when the kids are done playing with them are just some ways you can clean as you go.

 2. Invest In Proper Tools & Supplies

Using poor quality cleaning products and equipment can often end up costing you more in the long run!

Quality cleaning products are designed to resolve cleaning problems effectively and efficiently, minimising the time required to achieve the desired results, while reducing the chances of damaging the item being cleaned or the surrounding environment.

If you are not sure which product or products would be the most effective for your cleaning requirements, ask your supplier, especially if they are a specialist cleaning products supplier.

Poor quality products generally won’t last as long, are made with cheaper or missing elements and often pre-diluted.

Should minimising the time you spend on cleaning be a priority for you, consider sticking with high-quality products and equipment. It is an investment that pays dividends when it comes to saving you time, energy, frustration and money.

3. Begin With A Clean Slate

Mopping a bathroom floor that has been swept and has all decorations, bath mats and towels out of the way is much easier than having to sweep and move items as you go.

The same goes for the kitchen where clearing the countertop of utensils and appliances will make for a much faster clean than if you need to move things as you go.

Beginning the cleaning process with a nice clear area will save you time as you won’t need to stop and start which is one of the key culprits in delaying the cleaning process.

4. Plug The Vacuum In Somewhere Central

Vacuuming is time-consuming at the best of times, let alone when you need to unplug and replug with every room of the house. Whilst this isn’t always possible, a very helpful way to save time whilst vacuuming is to plug it in at the most central point in your home so you can cover as much ground as possible before needing to unplug and relocate it to another switch. Again, this will help you save time by removing the need to stop and start.

5. Clean The Shower While You're In The Shower

This tip relates to tip #1 which was clean as you go. Cleaning the shower whilst you are already in the shower can help you save time in many ways and can also help your shower to look cleaner in between larger cleans.

Simply using a squeegee to remove any water droplets can help stop water from drying on your glass and leaving marks everywhere. Another great idea is to give the shower a quick spray down and wipe after each shower so soap and scum can never build up.

6. Consider Your Schedule & Time

Part of having an efficient cleaning schedule is to be realistic with how much you can get done on a given day. Perhaps you are the type of person who works better by doing a little bit at a time or perhaps you like getting everything done in one go.

Depending on which you prefer, you may like to readjust your cleaning schedule to suit. For example, if realistically you cannot commit to spending four hours on a Saturday cleaning the house, perhaps you can spend one hour a day, four times a week cleaning.

Alternatively, if you prefer to do things in one go, perhaps you set aside a block of time on a Saturday morning to do all of your cleaning for the week. You must consider which is your preference as it can slow down or speed up the time it takes you to clean.

7. Try Some Easy Internet Hacks

The internet has thousands of great cleaning tips and tricks that can easily save you time. Some of the best ones we have come across include;

  • Easy Oven Clean Up: protect the bottom of your oven from drippings and spillings by placing a baking tray on the bottom rack to catch anything that may fall. You can add this to the dishwasher instead of having to do a big clean of the oven
  • Don’t Forget Your Microwave: the microwave is a very easy item to forget to clean. We usually manage to wipe the outside, but what about the inside? If you wipe it down every couple of uses, you will save yourself from having to do a big clean out of it
  • Keep the Bottom of your Bin Clean: whilst you will still need to do a deep clean and sanitise of your bin every few weeks, a few pieces of old newspaper at the bottom of your bin, under the garbage bag can help keep things dry and clean in between

If you have any additional questions about time saving cleaning tips, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or (02) 9838 1220.