The Unexpected Industry Insights

The answer to how many cleaning products do I need to maintain a clean house is likely to surprise you, as it’s not many.

With 14 years experience manufacturing chemical cleaning products, 7 years of which as the CEO of JAMAC Cleaning Supplies, I have developed a good working knowledge of the industry and more importantly experience in formulating chemical cleaning products.

It can feel like there are too many cleaning products to choose from and for so many jobs, that it’s easy to lose sight of what is really necessary. This article is a bit of a life hack for a minimalist approach to a clean way of living.

Which Products Should You Start With?

Very simply I will be recommending a two-product approach – a very versatile All-Purpose Cleaner and an extremely useful Laundry Liquid. Between these two, we can tackle most hard surfaces and fabrics whilst also keeping our garments clean.

Without a doubt, there are specific jobs which would be better suited with other products such as Window Cleaner for glass, Extreme Cleaner for the bathroom or Nappy Wash for the clothes, however, this article will honestly state what is necessary and give the closest answer possible to a one-size-fits-all approach.

All Purpose Cleaner

This product is safe on colours and great at cleaning hard surfaces and fabrics. It is excellent at removing grease, oil and dirt from surfaces. It is also great for cleaning as it is a surfactant that allows for easier washing.

If you have a grease stain or some cooking oil on your clothes, it is a good idea to apply some All-Purpose to the stain before putting your clothing in the wash. You can also soak the clothing in All-Purpose and water, at a ratio of 1:10.

I use this product a lot when cleaning around the stove and when I have a stubborn oil stain on clothes (it may take repeated washes on old stains).

But Keep This In Mind…

Surfaces I would not recommend or use this product for are marble and leather, as the protocol for maintaining these surfaces are specific.

This product is great for tiles, wood floors, carpets, mats, vinyl, stainless steel, linen, wool, polyester and cotton. If you are trying to clean a material or surface that is not mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to us at Jamac and we will be able to offer advice.

Laundry Liquid

There really isn’t any replacement for a good quality Laundry Liquid. It contains ingredients to help wash the clothes but also many more – for fragrance, optical brightening, grease removal and easier ironing.

If any of the aforementioned qualities needed to be made better or if an anti-bacterial solution was wanted to be added, there are other products such as Ironing Aid or Laundry Sanitiser, however for the purpose of general washing and keeping your clothes beautiful, invest in a good quality Laundry Liquid.

I typically use just Laundry Liquid in my week to week washing, however this changes when dealing with some fancier clothing such as Merino wool or smart casual wear. For these washes I like to use Eucalyptus Woolwash, because it’s super friendly on clothes.

Once again if you’re ever unsure please reach out and we’ll help you out.

In Summary…

This article details the bare minimum required to keep the house and your clothes clean. I would recommend having a bigger arsenal but this may come in handy.

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, if you have any additional questions about which cleaning products would be best for your particular circumstances, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or (02) 9838 1220