The Easiest Way to Clean An Oven

Cleaning the oven is reported to be second only to cleaning the toilet, when it comes to the most disliked household chore, according to the Daily Mail [i], but it doesn’t need to be this way. This article investigates the easiest way to clean an oven, providing you with the knowledge to turn one of the most detested household tasks, into an easily accomplished one, that can leave your oven looking like new!

It’s not just how the oven looks that is important, as a dirty oven can drastically change the taste and smell of your food, as well as create a fire hazard.

We’re often asked how often you should clean your oven and the answer is this depends on how often it’s used and what is being cooked in it, but every three months is a good guide. For those of you who only use your oven on the odd occasion, twice a year should suffice.

Remove Everything From Your Oven

Remove everything you can from the oven, including the rack rails if they are removable. It may take a few extra minutes to take the rack rails out of most ovens, but it’s worth the effort, as this can drastically reduce the total time it takes to clean your oven.

Use A Reliable Oven Cleaner

Now this step is what separates professional cleaners from home owners who struggle for hours, only to get mediocre results for all of their hard effort!

If the product you are using requires you to scrub the inside of the oven, then you’re using the wrong product! To save loads of frustration, test it on a small easily accessible area of your oven and if the results are unsatisfactory, don’t waste any more of your time…find another!

Facing this frustration ourselves, we developed and refined a product you may want to try (Oven & Grill Cleaner), which has been extensively used by commercial cleaners and homeowners for years, which leaves ovens looking like new.

Applying The Cleaning Product

Simply apply the product to the oven surface as per the manufacturer’s instructions, which typically involves wiping the product all over the inside of your oven with a sponge (this reduced the risk of breathing in the detergent) and waiting for a period to allow the product to break down the fat and carbon deposits. If using our (Oven & Grill Cleaner), to get the best results, leave it on the oven surface for 2hrs.

Also remember to wear gloves and handle with care as most of the top products will contain caustic soda.

Wash The Racks & Trays

While you are waiting for the oven cleaning product to break down the deposits, this is a good time to clean these items. To save effort, simply soak them in the sink or a big container with the oven cleaning product (check manufacturers usage recommendations), rinse off and dry, so they are ready to be put back into the oven.

Something to keep in mind is not to leave them soaking for too long, especially if there are any aluminum parts. The best practice approach is to monitor them every 15 min’s.

Wipe Down The Oven

Finally, if you are using the right product, after leaving it on for the prescribed time period, you should simply need to wipe off the residue and for really stubborn deposit buildups, gently scrape them off, being careful not to damage the oven surface.

 If you would like more advice on the best way to tackle your particular cleaning related problems, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or (02) 9838 1220