Cleaning Industry Trends

2021 has been an interesting one for many industries. It has been particularly interesting for the cleaning industry, with a huge increase in the sale of cleaning products. With 2021 drawing to an end, we have pieced together some insights into cleaning industry trends and patterns to give you an understanding of what to expect in 2022.

Cleaning Product Sales Have Increased

With the spread of coronavirus, it is by no means surprising that the cleaning product market has gone up by an estimated 5.33% in the USA alone. People are eager to keep their homes as clean and germ-free as possible.

With rules and regulations making disinfecting a necessity, it is no wonder people have implemented this into their own homes, with an increased desire to keep their surfaces sanitary and their families healthy as a result.

Cleaning As Self-Care

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular in cleaning products, not only for their scents but for the impact they can have on one’s mood. When strolling down the cleaning aisle, you may notice more frequently words such as ‘lemongrass’, ‘cedarwood’ and ‘lavender’ taking the place of classic artificial scents.

Over 2020 and 2021, cleaning has become an extension of self-care as consumers want their homes to feel safe and like a retreat from the outside world. The inclusion of essential oils in cleaning products have helped achieve this by making cleaning more therapeutic.

Subscription Based Shopping

In 2018, it was found that around 15% of shoppers had purchased products on a recurring, regular basis. This number has no doubt increased in 2021 with online shopping being a no brainer for many people around the world.

A quick Google search for cleaning products will bring up dozens of results for subscription-based cleaning products which makes sense considering cleaning products are such a frequently used home product.

Low Environmental Impact Products

Low tox and low waste are very popular trends in cleaning at the moment. A push towards low environmental impact ingredients, simple packaging and eco-friendly materials are dominating store shelves at the moment. As consumers continue to focus on reducing their environmental impact on the world, we predict this trend will continue into the years to come.

JAMAC since they first started in 1991, have kept the impact of their products on the environment front of mind, developing effective cleaning products from the ground up which minimize their environmental footprint.

Increased Recognition Of Commercial Cleaning Needs

With venues reopening after an extended lockdown, the pressure is on to keep workspaces and social settings cleaner and more hygienic than ever before. Businesses are faced with higher demands on the health and safety of both workers and patrons so an increase in commercial cleaning needs is a natural result of this.

Venues such as restaurants and offices will be requiring much higher standards of cleanliness and sanitation moving forward and they will require the product necessary to keep up with such standards.

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